Writing a Resume for Oil and Gas Industry Jobs

Writing a Resume for Oil & Gas Industry Jobs Are you interested in writing a resume for oil and gas industry jobs? The recent boom in hydraulic fracturing has helped oil and gas industries around the world rev up production. This production has reach record levels. Through fracking Production companies now reach reserves that used […]


Qualities Employers Want

Qualities Employers Want For those of you who have skipped around from job to job but have yet to find employment, it can be frustrating to not have a stable career. It also can be stressful not to work for a company where you have job security You may have even asked yourself this question, “What […]


Make Your Temp Job Permanent

Make Your Temp Job Permanent For everyone looking for employment, there is that perfect company. The company that offers the right atmosphere, pay scale and opportunities to advance that make it the perfect place to get a job. If you are lucky enough to get a temporary assignment at that perfect company but you want to […]


Why You Should Consider Temporary Jobs

    Why You Should Consider Temporary Jobs Searching for work in today’s job market is not easy, but there are ways to secure good employment if you take advantage of all the avenues available. Even if you are looking for a permanent position, you should consider temporary jobs as a good starting point. This is […]


How to beat Job Interview Stress

How to beat Job Interview Stress The thought of having a job interview fills many people with dread. Competition for jobs means that the interview process has become more important than ever in recent years. Applying for senior roles often involves two or three interviews, and you won’t make the shortlist if you don’t have […]

motivating employees

Motivating Employees

Motivating Employees As a manager or supervisor, getting the most out of your employees requires positive motivation that will have them eager to fulfill their responsibilities. In fact, motivating employees is one of the most important jobs a manager or supervisor will have as part of their duties. However, understanding the principles of positive motivation […]

great resume writing

How to Write a Great Resume

How to Write a Great Resume A great resume has only one goal, to get you an interview for the job. Everything else that you might have heard about what a resume can do for you is misleading at best. Employment agencies, recruiting centers and executive search firms may emphasize the importance of resumes in […]

Job search social media

How Facebook Can Harm Your Job Search

How Facebook Can Harm Your Job Search Social media such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Instagram and others are a gold mine of data on users. Information shared in social media websites cover age, birthday, relationship status, interests or hobbies, social circle, educational background, racial background, political affiliation and religion. Active users of social media […]

Hiring New Employees

Hiring New Employees

Hiring New Employees  Hiring new employees may seem like a straightforward process. But hiring  new employees is a process that deserves your careful consideration. I know you will want to find the best people for the job. People who will fit into the corporate culture of your workplace. Remember you may have to live with […]

Employee Orientation Advice

Employee Orientation

Successful Employee Orientation For many businesses, employee orientation refers to a process that lasts only one or two days and is intended to guide new employees into their new working environment. While a common approach, this strategy is often hurried, filled with paperwork, and does little to prepare new employees for the realities of their new […]

Hiring Managers Tips

Hiring Managers – 5 Basic Hiring Tips

5 Basic Hiring Tips for Hiring Managers More than half of all employers in the ten largest global economies have been personally impacted by a bad hire, according to a study by CareerBuilder. When a business hires the wrong person, it has a negative effect on productivity, employee morale, client relations, and overall sales, potentially […]

Executive Search Job Interview

Job Applicant Interview Tips For The Employer

Job Applicant Interview Tips For The Employer There’s a lot riding on an interview of a potential employee. Getting the right person for the job can make a big difference in the productivity and cohesiveness of your organization. There are ways to make your interviewing more effective. The three essential points are 1) preparation, 2) creating […]

Recruiters help with Jobs Search

Recruiters: 6 Reasons They Help Your Job Search!

Recruiters: 6 Reasons They Help Your Job Search! Recruiters allow for more time during a job search. Time is one of your most valuable resources. So if you’re thinking about a career move consider calling a recruiter. Recruiters will help you manage your job search. This allows you more time to concentrate on other priorities. If you’re employed but not […]

Recruiting with Acuhire

Recruiting – Hiring The Best

Recruiting – Hiring The Best with Acuhire Recruiting Human Resource is an important parts of any organization. Human Resources is an integral part of every major company. Is the Human Resource department of your company working as effectively and efficiently as you believe it should? Do you want to cut your hiring cost? If you […]

Jobs Search with Acuhire!

Jobs Search – Why Acuhire?

For Your Jobs Search Why Use Acuhire Recruiting For those starting a Jobs Search or look for a career change, Acuhire Recruiting is the place to start your Jobs Search. Acuhire Recruiting is the resource used by top professionals for their jobs search or to find their next career move. Acuhire Recruiting is the recruiting […]

Recruiting Services by Acuhire

Recruiting Services by Acuhire

Recruiting Services By Acuhire Acuhire Recruiting Services provides clients and candidates with exceptional recruiting solutions across multiple commercial enterprise categories. Acuhire knows the challenges you face are complicated and dynamic. At Acuhire we are centered on establishing and supporting continuous, productive associations with our clients and candidates through unparalleled personal service. We work closely with both Client and Candidate […]