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You can be successful! It’s easy with Acuhire! We work to advance your career! We are proud to deliver results through our Confidential Proactive job search. The search start with a conversation with you in order to discover what you are seeking in a career move. Then we market your skills to high caliber clients in locations you prefer.


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Great Talent can be a driving force in your business with Acuhire! Our specialty is recruiting the most sought-after professionals in the disciplines that are hardest for your internal recruitment staff or human resources department to fill. Our goal as an employment agency is to present only best candidates that are the top talent in their fields.


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Acuhire offers solutions that you need! We listen to you! We are centered on growing deep-rooted, productive partnerships through unsurpassed personal attention. We earnestly listen to you so that we may establish the particular needs and qualifications to create each successful placement. “Aim Higher with Acuhire!”


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As an employment agency we network everyday with high quality talent. We review hundreds of profiEmployment Agency Goalsles and resumes daily. As a recruiting agency we talk with companies and their hiring managers to help them fill open positions. At Acuhire we are able to tap into databases not available to the most job seekers or employers. Also as an employment agency we are able to confidentially contact both talent and employers that couldn’t reach by you due to their current status and situations.

Acuhire Recruiting & Employment Agency has Specialized Experience!

After listening to you we use our focus our experiences to recruit for your specific industry oRecruiting Focusr talent. We leverage our multitude of contacts and user groups to yield the qualifications you are looking for in a new hire or job. Our Employment Search Consultants are professional investigators that research and discover top candidate and jobs in any profession or industry.

 Acuhire Recruiting & Employment Agency will save you Money & Time!

What is the cost to your company to be shorthanded if you’re an employer with an open job? You may not only be shorthanded due to the job vacancy, but also due to time and resources dedicated to recruiting candidates with either your employees or on yourself. It may hurt you monetarily because your compJobs Search Dollarsany’s productivity goes down.  It may bring down company moral because you or other employees are trying to taking up the slack. This can result in employee stress, burnout or even high employee turnover. Not to mention lost billable resources working on your clients projects or your production capabilities. These are major issues to think about when you are attempting to locate employees for any open jobs.

When you agree to a contingency contract with Acuhire Recruiting & Employment Agency we work until we locate top candidates to fill your open jobs. With our proactive recruiting strategy we are focus on presenting you with the most qualified three candidates that we have screened and vetted. We will then assist in coordination and scheduling of interviews in order to save you or your hiring managers time. At Acuhire Recruiting & Employment Agency we believe our fee will more than justify the money and time you would spend on a talent search along with your company’s saving from loss of your company’s productivity and diversion of company resources is worth it to you.

Acuhire Recruiting & Employment Agency will listen to you so that we can learn about your business and its culture. We will also discover the qualifications and skills you are looking for in a candidate!

We would like to meet with you and your company’s hiring managers or team members in order to understand yourJob Recruiting Success company’s corporate culture and products or services. We also want to learn and understand all requirements and qualifications for the positions we are working to fill. Our Acuhire Recruiting & Employment Agency Search Consultants will be happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your proprietary information. We would like you to think of Acuhire Recruiting & Employment Agency as a part of your company’s current Human Resources and Recruiting team. We want to promote your company, the job benefits and your corporate culture to potential candidates. At Acuhire Recruiting & Employment Agency we will customize every talent search to meet your needs.

 Acuhire Recruiting & Employment Agency’s Search Consultants will aid in presenting job offers and closing the candidates on your job offer!

Our Search Consultants work closely with the talent during our search and interview process. Many times thRecruiting Accuracye candidate share their privet concerns and priorities with our Search Consultants. Due to legal issues we are unable to share this information with employers. This puts us in a unique situation, to work for the benefit of the employer and the candidate. We are able to help negotiate an equitable offer for both the employer and the candidate resulting a more successful close rate and better employee retention.